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Our Mission Is to Unite the Children of Great Turtle Island that are trapped in the Indian American Condition of The USA and Canada. To educate them on the actions the United States took during and after slavery, which created the condition perpetuated by the Canada. And, to create an independent Pentortoise State, qualified for reparations, do to slavery and other crimes against the Onkwehonwe.

The Kingdom Of Pentortoise is formed to improve the condition of the Onkwehonwe community, who reject the imposed title of Indian American, to restore home as stated in our mission.  The founder of the organization King Benjamin II based the organization on a philosophy he developed from his study and interpretations of The Ancient Kingdom of Pendragon, and the Great (Hodenashuanee) League of Peace and Power.  He believes this philosophy will empower Indian Americans to improve their condition, without government assistance or charity from other races.

This grass roots organization will empower Indian Americans through knowledge.  This knowledge, if applied in economics, social affairs business and spirituality, will create a more powerful Indian American race which will be more respected in North America and on the world stage.

The biggest problem of Indian Americans is lack of controllable resources.  This lack of controllable resources is the root of their lack of opportunity and a list of other issues.  The Kingdom of Pentortoise will not only address these issues, it has a plan that will change them.   “Colonial America” has more than 30-90 times the Average net worth of the average Indian American.  Since human nature compels us to associate (give opportunity) with people who are like us, quite naturally, there would be more opportunity in America for American Citizens than Onkwehonwe.

The Kingdom of Pentortoise does not use these problems as an obstacle, it studies them to develop plans to help or totally eliminate the problems.  The kingdom has developed several economic programs.  The largest and most impactful program will be Great Private Offerings (GPO’s).   We believe this is how Indian Americans can use some of the principles that wealthy nations have used, to create their wealth, to increase the wealth of Indian Americans.  We also have developed programs such as Shop Mobs and Pentortoise business certifications, which will provide more opportunity for Onkwehonwe and friends.

Indian Americans cannot use the same play book, as their colonial counterparts, and expect the same results.  They have a unique and unmatched situation, quite different than any other minority in this country, and, although they should work respectfully with everyone, they need to gain respect for their ambitions to help themselves.  We hope that no one mistakes Onkwehonwe pride for prejudice.

We welcome all to join our efforts to help the Onkwehonwe!

STEP 1. Become an online member

Online membership is not an official citizenship of The Kingdom of Pentortoise, however this is a great step towards learning what it will take to become an official Citizen (“Citipen”) and to stay up to-date with news and current information. Join the forum, Start a discussion!

Begin your online registration, ask questions and find your place in the forums, then when your ready to take the leap, consider step 2.

STEP 2. Become an Official Citipen

The Royal government grants citizenship of the Kingdom of Pentortoise in accordance with the Constitution of Pentortoise and the Law on Citizenship of the Kingdom of Pentortoise.

Our Mission Is to Unite the Children of Great Turtle Island that are trapped in the Indian American Condition of The USA and Canada. To educate them on the actions the United States took during and after slavery, which created the condition perpetuated by the Canada. And, to create an independent Pentortoise State, qualified for reparations, do to slavery and other crimes against the Onkwehonwe.

We want the US, Canada, Britain,Vatican et al. to:

1. Recognize the Kingdom of Pentortoise as a Sovereign State with a “Independent Nation” classification, both different and separate from Indian Americans who choose to be governed and controlled by the “Roman Cult System”.

2. Support the Kingdom of Pentortoise in joining the Houdenashaunee (Iroquois) Great League of Peace  as a separate state until its citizens can be joined with their perspective states in Great Turtle Island or until it can find domicile on Great Turtle Island. Allow us to appropriate land or allow others to donate land which can be used for governmental operations of Pentortoise, until our home is restored.

3. Allow the Kingdom of Pentortoise to govern its people under the Pentortoise Constitution. As it provides a peaceful coexistence until the Onkwehonwe in the United States and Canada are recovered.

4. Grant the Pentortoise of the Onkwehonwe reparations for their ancestor’s unpaid investments into North American Infrastructure. The Kingdom of Pentortoise should receive $45,000,000 for each adult person to return to their ancestral state, once it has been determined and preparations has been made for them to be naturalized in that state. If the person is unable to determine their ancestral state they may become a permanent citizen of the Kingdom of Pentortoise that will seek territory on the North American Continent, as a sovereign state comprised of the Children of the Onkwehonwe.

5. Release any member of the Kingdom of Pentortoise, incarcerated in any United States or Canadian jail system for a non-violent crime, to their homeland of Great Turtle Island. We will expedite the process of finding their ancestral state and make preparations for their return.

6. To recognize the Pentortoise state identification cards as valid identification for a citizen of The Kingdom Of Pentortoise, in the process of establishing a state and/or returning to Great Turtle Island. And, allow these identification cards to be valid in all business transactions conducted in all The United States and Canada.

7. Allow the Kingdom of Pentortoise a minimum of 10 years to awaken and reunite its people scattered across the US and Canada and suffering from the condition caused by the “Roman Cult System”.

The Kingdom of Pentortoise Is the State that will reunite the Stolen Onkwehonwe.

Onkwehonwe stolen (Constitutional Conversion, by Usurpation of Delegation of Authority, Breach of Two Row Wampum Law) from Great Turtle Island has been prohibited from uniting to discuss and repair the condition that oppression by countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Vatican etc:. has subjected us to. These conditions result in our own brothers and sisters, having been deceived, to the point, they would rather wear their captor’s title, than join with their brothers and sisters to resist.

We propose those who wish to retain the title Indian American, be allowed to remain in the Roman Cult System, which is still oppressing them. Pentortoise will make the effort to peacefully free our people and repair our stolen home, once and for all. We will use the road map laid out in the Great Law of Peace (Kaianare:kowa).

The Pentortoise Economic Plan is designed to sustain comfortable and peaceful living conditions, inside Great Turtle Island, as we negotiate the terms of reparations owed by America, Canada, Britain, Vatican etc:. for the infringement on our human rights and treaties. Hundreds of years of mistreatment and oppression, has caused the condition of our people. Our economic plan will improve this condition.

We plan to:

  • Use our Pentortoise donations as means to fund our organization and administer the re-connection with our Onkwehonwe cousins.
  • We will negotiate with businesses to get better prices based on our people increasing patronage to their company.
  • We will abstain from taxation on our natural persons, by the United States and Canadian government. However, we will set up legal entities which will represent our natural persons in the economic process of the American/Canadian Corporation.
  • We will redirect our funds to Pentortoise businesses as much as possible until we have representation in every industry from which we consume.
  • We will invest our savings into Pentortoise businesses to build revenues and accelerate the process of creating wealth to return our home.

Your donations are appreciated.

Onkwehonwe and its relation are among the most oppressed people in the world. Not only did Europeans enslave the people and steal the resources from our country, they have waged an eternal war on us to assure we can never be an independent people again. Don’t perpetuate the Roman Cult System. Give to The Kingdom of Pentortoise, as we began the process to repair this problem.

A little more information.

Those who join the Kingdom of Pentortoise Eventually find more specific residence in a Penny Club. Once you are a member, or a Pentortoise, then you can find members with whom you have the most in common.

Penny Clubs are the foundation of the Kingdom of Pentortoise. As The Ancient Kingdoms of Great Turtle Island was made of many villages (kanata), so will the new kingdom. The new villages are called Penny Clubs, they have a similar structure as the ancient villages. Each Club is started by a leader or as it is called in The Kingdom, the 1st Lord. The 1st Lord is instrumental in setting up the foundation of the Club.

The Idea is to create a self-sustained village. Each Penny Club should have at least one representative from every industry in which the village will consume; for example, Accountant, Lawyer, Dentist, Teacher, Contractor, Mechanic, Educator, Retailer, etc. This practice will provide informed consumption by each member of the group; it should also help to reduce excess spending from uninformed decision making.

Using this practice should help every member to save money, which can be pooled with other member’s savings and invested to create wealth for the group and everyone in it. More details of this concept are provided to members of the organization. To become a member, simply fill out the information above and someone will contact you shortly.

We have a goal to rigorously support our Onkwehonwe businesses. We know that for our fiscal survival we must begin to recycle more wealth back into the Onkwehonwe community to businesses that have our best interest at heart. We will support those Onkwehonwe businesses that provide goods and services that we rely upon. We are urging Indian americans to refrain from simply giving their dollars to just anyone and allowing themselves to be treated poorly in the process.If we want better value for our goods and services as well as better customer service from Onkwehonwe business owners….then tell them what we want!

One way to show our power economically is to participate in a Penny Shop Mob.

  • We pull together a group of Pentortoise supporters.
  • We ask that they show up a pre-selected Onkwehonwe business
  • We all show up with a few dollars to spend.
  • We all purchase from that place of business an item or items that we need.
  • Then we leave a critique that informs the owner on what will keep us coming back.
  • We ask that the owner give some incentive to the shoppers so that everyone wins.

Shop Mobs grow businesses and give Indian American Consumers a better value for their dollar.

Great Private Offering

In an effort to close the deficit of Onkwehonwe net worth in America (Great Turtle Island), The Kingdom of Pentortoise has created the Great Private Offering (GPO). A Great Private offering is a program that allows disenfranchised Onkwehonwe to begin the process to empower their communities and generate wealth through business partnerships.


The GPO joins all Onkwehonwe, with business ideas, with Onkwehonwe with expendable cash, to form socially conscious businesses in their communities. Instead of buying depreciating assets, they can buy partnerships in Onkwehonwe businesses which are started in their neighborhoods.


GPO’s will give communities a since of pride in their areas. It will also assure a better opportunity at success for the innovative minds of the Onkwehonwe community. It will promote investment in Onkwehonwe communities by Onkwehonwe Residents, without seeking the assistance of the foreign aid or federal government’s handouts.

Basic Outline:

When one of the community’s innovative minds has an idea, but lacks the capital needed to get it off the ground, they can come to the Kingdom of Pentortoise and ask the members of the kingdom to partner up with them by investing in limited partnership certificates (LPC). These certificates give participating members of the kingdom ownership of the perspective business.

Additional Information:

The details and values of each GPO can be different. The creator and the partners will decide a plan that will be mutually beneficial for both. GPOs can be used for short term partnerships that can include, concerts, plays, seminars and other events. They can also be used for long term partnerships such as franchises, grocery stores, retail stores and any other permanent business in the community.

For more information on GPOs contact the Kingdom of Pentortoise.

The fundamental understanding of Pentortoise, as it relates to economics, is Power over Money. We can do many things that will give us money but with the lack of power our money is worthless towards our pursuit of freedom from oppression.

There is a very simple process we can pursue:

1. Began with the most modest lifestyle possible.

2. Find the means to support that lifestyle via job, small business or hustle.

3. Use expendable funds to Invest in Ideas that have a proven track record or well-planned start-ups.

Create a Penny Club that can provide for all the collective needs of the club. Meaning, recruit someone from every industry so, if nothing else, you will have someone to turn to that can help you make an informed decision on everything you consume.

Meet frequently and discuss economics and ideas to create wealth. When someone has a business idea give the members the ability to invest in the business through the sale of Partnership Certificates (Then Kingdom of Pentortoise has a detailed explanation of this process and resources to set it up).

Finally, you should network with other Penny Clubs to discuss more national and global investments. This will create power and wealth that can expand beyond America (Great Turtle Island).

The Grand River Territory Reconstruction Initiative

The Kingdom of Pentortoise is pleased to announce its first initiative which addresses the Indian American Wealth Gap in America. Using some of our structured improvement instruments, we intend to increase Onkwehonwe Wealth in the Grand River area.

Our Mission will be:

  • Teach consumers the importance of local economics.
  • Teach consumers the importance of supporting worthy Onkwehonwe businesses.
  • Improve the operations of Onkwehonwe businesses in the community.
  • Improve Onkwehonwe economic conditions using Shop Mobs, GPO’s and Business Development.
  • Pool resources to invest in businesses that will pay dividends to the community.
  • Getting businesses to give discounts to Onkwehonwe participating in this program.
  • Teach principles of investing savings and earnings that are generated from this program.

The Kingdom of Pentortoise believes, when this program is successful, Indian Americans will benefit from a higher median net worth. The initiative will also produce more tax revenues which will result in better schools, better streets, less crime and a better Grand River for everyone.

We welcome all to join our efforts!

Feb 1, 2015 @ 8:54 pm