Brantford Ward 5 Meeting, Tuesday 20, 2013

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Mayor Chris Friel of the City of Brantford attends ward 5 meeting held at PJVS's library, Margaret Chechi-Smith ward 5 councilperson Introduces the Mayor at the meeting.

We hear four speakers first of which talks about land uses and available inventory, looking at different options for different section of lots, residential, and single-use commercial proprieties, starting previously in the evening a commercial study group had met for the first time, to focus on the importance of developing commercial mixed use properties to offer incentives to minimize expense for the current processes.

A recommendation to council, is a community improvement plan, granting special monies to help redevelop current condition, up to 150,000 has been grated at the high end of the grants program.

Also requested in public input to help spur vitalization, reports will rap up at the end of this month.

Langer, a reporter for Two Row Times, asked the speaker about the Weston owned property that was the former location of Canadian Tire, which is now an open greyspace “its a relatively substantial size its unmistakable is there and  plan in place to deal with something that large and vacant” and “is there anything that you know along this corridor, in know no frill s is an area of first nations, is that ere any claim that may be addressed with this plan?

Speaker says that he is not aware of any but would hear any during the planning process.


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