Diary Entry Entry No. 1

SHE:KON/GREETINGS/Hello. My name is Benjamin Doolittle and in case you didn’t know I have started my own country, thanks for visiting our official web portal, make yourself at home, pour a cup of tea and have a good ‘click’ around.

Although my homeland country is the largest on earth, it currently has one of the smallest populations, so I have created this website as my very own cyber-recruitment and information desk. I’m hoping you’ll like it so much that you’ll sign up to become a citizen (now dubbed citipen). Over the coming weeks and months this little space on the Internet is going to become home to you, me and one day thousands of other like-minded individuals. As one of my proud and noble new citipens you will help shape a truly inspiring new nation – perhaps the greatest place on Earth!

In the meantime thanks for visiting and remember…my country needs you!

King Benjamin II