Ministry of Culture, Media
Sports and Education

Within the Pentortoise Government, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Education is responsible for developing educational, science, culture, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields.  The Minister of Education, Science, Culture Minister Ashcroft is responsible for education and science, the Minister is also responsible for matters relating to culture, sports, youth, copyright and student financial aid.

He is also  responsible for equality matters which belong to the remit of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Mike Ashcroft  (2009-present)
Minister of Culture, Sports and Education, appointed by royal decree in 2009 as an interim minister, however since taking temporal office, Mike has devoted himself selflessly to our Kingdom.

Mike was appointed office of minister on 2011 on a non temporal basis meaning until the kingdom has had its first elections for this office Mike will remain in office as long as he is able to serve.