The University of
Pentortoise – Overview

This page provides a brief overview of the underlying positioning strategy, key concepts and attributes that define and guide the Pentortoise brand and our new visual identity system.

Identity Overview.

We’ve included a comprehensive view of our three-part identity system representing our Official Seals and Signatures, Academic Signatures, and Spirit and Athletic marks. Each plays an important role in our system. You’ll find detailed standards and guidelines for their use in the Identity Guidelines section of each individual institution.

We’ve also provided snapshots of how our core visual elements come together to provide distinct but integrated design solutions for all three institutions.

A Position in Line with the Territory’s Focus on the Future

Research has led to the conclusion that the optimal position for Pentortoise corresponds directly to the Kanienkehaka Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Closing the Gaps by 2020 plan (Strategic Plan 2010-2020). Specifically, the optimal position conveys access to a comprehensive education that emphasizes centers of teaching and research excellence that focus on the complex problems facing the future of our communities, the nation and the world.

Pentortoise University – Positioning Statement

Pentortoise University is dedicated to shaping the future of our students by providing them a comprehensive, quality education that prepares them to enter careers in a timely fashion. The university, in an environment of openness and friendliness, develops leaders who can articulate appropriate solutions to challenges and advance the well-being of the people of Turtle Island and the global community. Pentortoise University achieves this through research and creative activity and by preparing students to turn theory into practice. Students, staff and faculty provide dedicated service through programs that draw upon a vast array of intellectual resources and world-class expertise.

Brand Position.


If there is one word that summarizes the Pentortoise position and message, it is this: Preparedness. The many variations of Preparedness provide powerful ways for you to address your audience’s concerns – and for your audience to see the benefits of connecting with Pentortoise.

Better prepared Individual

Prepared institution
Prepared leaders
Prepared students

Brand Promise.

For all audiences, the Pentortoise brand stands for access to a quality education in a nurturing and challenging environment that fosters student and professional success.

Tagline and Motto.

Words before, all else.

Our tagline – Words before, all else.– quickly communicates to all audiences that the tradition of fostering student and professional success at Pentortoise creates a culture where anything is possible.

Key Concepts.

Our key concepts support our position and unique value proposition.
Academic excellence

  • Opportunity and potential
  • Fostering success
  • Sense of place
  • Pride and tradition

Key Attributes.

Our character and personality attributes should be evidenced in every brand experience.Friendly

  • Mentoring
  • Empowering
  • Pragmatic
  • Hard Working
  • Intelligent
  • Resourceful
  • Trustworthy

Brand Persona.

The Tortoise,

Our persona is one who has the desire to protect people from harm

  • Has the goal of helping others
  • Has concern for the individual, the community, the nation and the larger world
  • Is empathetic – seeing and feeling things from others’ perspectives
  • Is nurturing and supportive – reliable and unquestionably committed
  • Is instructive – shares knowledge and insights and is generous with time
  • Is focused on the benefits of the relationship

Integrated Visual Identity System.