Handbook: Guerrilla Marketing Tool Kit

A bit of Information, I need you to use this tool kit to spread the good news about my new nation. You’ll find all sorts here, from a flag to print out, a portrait of me to put by your home or at work. Also included is our Crest (decal) and a flyer.

Guerrilla Marketing offers hundreds of weapons for launching your marketing attack.

You will want to spend some time with our Weapons list and choose those most appropriate for beginning your attack. First, list some of the weapons you are using presently and assess how well they are serving you. Next, make a list of 4 new selections from our list.


Download: GM_TOOL_KIT (968kb)


Download: National Flag

Print our nations flag and hang it with pride, hang appropriately where it can be seen by all your guests and family, this is a great way to display your pride in our nation, and hopes for a better future.


Your King requests that you print this out a number of times. They can go anywhere you want in your home, by your bedside, in your wallet, purse, office or fridge.


Sample Flyer
These are for you to give to people on the streets, this is a fun way to share the news about our new nation, and a great way to meet new people.